I have been a Southwest Florida eco-tour guide, specializing in birding and Everglades nature interpretation for 12 years. I have led interpretive hikes in the Fakahatchee Preserve and the Corkscrew Marsh Watershed, kayak paddles in Rookery Bay and birding trips in Collier, Lee, Charlotte and Hendry counties.

I also bird the other end of North America -- the great state of Alaska -- where I am beginning May, June and September trips In the summer of 2013.

Previously, I was a photographer and journalist writing about the Greater Everglades, conservation issues and the lifestyle of the small communities that survive on the fringe of the Big Cypress Basin and the Ten Thousand Islands. I have been in Florida for 25 years and have immersed myself in the wild outdoors here.

I am passionate about preserving Florida's healthy habitats and restoring compromised systems within the Greater Everglades and Big Cypress Basin. People only protect what they love and understand. Providing birding eco-tours is a way I can help others better understand the value of a healthy Southwest Florida environment through observation of the several hundred breeding, wintering, and migrating birds that rely on this region.          

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                                                                                                       In Boreal Forest And Tundra Near Denali  

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